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This section of the website is here to introduce you to the best-kept secret in Clermont County athletics!

What is Crew?

You've seen pictures of rowing crews on Successories posters. Perhaps you've watched regattas during olympic coverage. It is hard to find a purer expression of teamwork, focus, and determination in all of sports!

Clermont Crew

Clermont Crew BeachClermont Crew rows on beautiful Harsha Lake, aka East Fork Lake, out of their spacious boathouse adjacent to the public beach. 

The crew includes Masters, aka adults, who row for fitness, recreation and competition. 

The crew also includes Juniors, a competitive high school team that rows in regattas locally and regionally. The Juniors are comprised of students from high schools all over Clermont County and Hamilton County. 

These high school rowers are some of the best athletes in their schools. They row under the colors of Clermont Crew, cooperating as teammates - boatmates - with students who might otherwise be considered rivals or enemies in another sport. 


We are easy to find. As you approach the beach, just prior to the parking lot, take the gravel road to the right.  Keep right and go through the gate to the boathouse. 


These students are following in the sporting traditions of the great English colleges like Oxford and Eaton and the American Ivy League. But if you think it is all just tradition and history, you should also know it represents one of the fastest-growing sports in America and a great source of college athletic scholarships to hundreds of top colleges! 

Rowing has been a classic athletic pursuit for centuries because it so purely distills power, finesse, technique, teamwork and precision into an impossibly fast rush across water in sleek high-tech speedboats. It is truly a unique opportunity.

Take a look at the pages in this section and consider taking up this remarkably rewarding sport for yourself.

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