Are you Ready to Tame the Dragon?

The Head of the Hidden DragonThe Head of the Hidden Dragon has brought 5K fall head racing back to Harsha Lake, with a twisty course that will challenge the mettle of any crew.

October 22nd, 2016

Harsha Lake
East Fork State Park, Bethel, Ohio
25 miles east of downtown Cincinnati

Crews have come to Harsha Lake for decades to race each other on the sprint course at the expansive East Fork State Park beach. Come discover the hidden jewel tucked away in the easterly waters of Harsha. This race starts at the Bethel boat ramp and runs through 5K of the most beautiful water in Ohio.

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Race Director: Leila Spriggs

The twists and turns of the Hidden Dragon

Harsha Lake,
East Fork State Park

Located in Bethel, Ohio, Harsha Lake offers a 5K course that slithers its way west from the start, finishing at the familiar beach-front finish line. The Dragon winds its way with an equal number of port and starboard turns.

A twisty course that will challenge coxswains and rowers alike!

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