In 2006, Head racing debuted at Harsha Lake as the East Fork Chase. This course used the familiar 2k start location, but swung out into the lake, circled around the boathouse bay, then returned back to the finish line.  This layout capitalized on the good beach viewing and established finish line, but resulted in an exhausting 1500 meter long right hand turn as the boats circled the bay to return back to the finish line. Enough "port pressure" already!

By 2008, the Fall Classic was held for the last time.

In 2011, head racing returned to Harsha Lake with the inaugural running of the Head of the Hidden Dragon.  This brand new course starts at the east end of the lake and brings racers through several twists and turns, back to the finish line at the beach.  It is a fun and challenging course, with plenty of turns.  But the turns are balanced, since the start and finish point in the same direction!


The Head of the Hidden Dragon venue is centered on the expansive public beach area of East Fork Lake State Park. It offers a variety of food and drink vendors, as well as merchandise vendors.


The Matt Maupin Pavilion was constructed in 2008, and completed in 2009, specifically to support rowing events at Harsha Lake. The large open pavilion features beautiful and durable stone supports with a stone fireplace and a unique state of the art audio visual capacity for showing closed circuit and other programs on a TV screen mounted on the fireplace. This pavilion honors our Clermont County serviceman Matt Maupin, who was a rower with the Clermont High Schools Crew in 2001 when he and his crew won a gold medal at the Midwest Championship at this very site.

Host Clubs

The Head of the Hidden Dragon is hosted by two local rowing organizations:

• Clermont Crew
• Cincinnati Rowing Club

These clubs are proud to show off their great water and welcome teams from all over the Midwest to what we feel is one of the most enjoyable regatta environments available.

Local Cuisine

Teams from out-of-town might want to sample some uniquely local eateries:

  • Skyline Chili 
  • Gold Star Chili 
  • Montgomery Inn Ribs (Boathouse location!!) 
  • Great Scott Diner

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