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See what a few of our rowers have to say about their experience with rowing.  Many of them had no clue what they were getting into, but ended up finding something great.

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Rachel Taylor - Glen Este Class of 2017

Since I was a novice last season, rowing has already helped me so much, I love to be out on the water and feel at peace. It has also helped me cross train for volleyball.

Frankie Dailey - Milford Class of 2016

I started rowing because of my sister doing it and it looked like a fun thing to try. At first, I was going to continue to play volleyball in the fall and row in the Spring but that quickly ended when I fell in love with rowing my novice season. Rowing has created the opportunity for me to make new friends which I will always stay in touch with. We all have different personalities but learned how to work together and train very hard towards goal. Rowing has taught me that no goal is unreachable and the harder you work the quicker it will come. It will always be something I love to do because their is no other sport like it.

Ashley Collins - Glen Este Class of 2015

All my life I had always been an athletic person either from playing soccer, softball, basketball and many more sports. Starting high school I wanted to try something different and when I saw that Clermont Crew was having a rowing meeting it sparked an interest. Not in a million years did I think I would attend this meeting, start rowing, and completely fall in love with the sport and row my entire four years of high school. I instantly fell in love with being on the water and I found rowing gave me a feeling of freedom unlike anything I'd experienced before. Rowing is an endurance sport and winning comes from hard training which is worth it all in the long run.

Clermont Crew was not only just a sports team but it was also my second family. I bonded with everyone on the team unlike with any other team I have been on. On Clermont Crew the coaches use their experiences and knowledge from rowing to coach the juniors to become amazing rowers. With the help from my coaches and encouragement from my teammates I am furthering my rowing experience and will be attending The Ohio State University to row there on an athletic scholarship. Without Clermont Crew I wouldn't have fallen in love with the amazing sport and wouldn't have received the amazing opportunity to row in college.

Justin Dunham - Batavia Class of 2015

I didn't start to row until I was a Sophomore in High School and one of my friends was doing it and I wanted to try it to help me cross-train for soccer. After a season of playing soccer and rowing, I decided rowing was what I enjoyed to do most. It has made me work hard and also have fun. I would recommend it to anyone to try if they want to stay in shape and be part of the second family.

Brooklynn Boso - Glen Este Class of 2015

Over the years of being part of Clermont crew, I have learned how friends can be family. The people, at the boathouse drive me to go to practice almost everyday. When I'm not rowing, I'm wakeboarding, and wakeboarding takes ALOT of leg strength, especially to do tricks. So, having a sport that allows me to build muscle in the right areas, has helped me create interesting life-goals.

Marie Cordes - Amelia Class of 2012

My favorite thing about Clermont Crew is how close everyone is with their teammates. I also play basketball every winter, and rowing has given me great endurance and determination for that. Rowing has been a great part of my life and I am so happy I began and stuck with it. The sport has been much more work but also more rewarding than I had expected.

Julia Youngstrom - Homeschool Class of 2012

When my aunt who rows with the Masters suggested I try rowing, I imagined it would be something like a row boat! It turns out to be a really unique team sport. What I love about it is the rigorous exercise, great friends, opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, and most of all – that it's extremely character building. It is hard work, but the kind you take pride in. There is no team sport like rowing.

Kerry Morrow - McNicholas Class of 2011

Being part of the crew is a lot of fun – even more so than I thought it would be. I really like the people and it’s nice to get a good workout too. I’m also in the color guard, and I’ve found that it’s nice to have the extra arm strength for tossing flags and rifles in the air – it helps a lot!

John Hart - Amelia Class of 2011

I was introduced to rowing by one of the adult rowers at the club. They saw me paddling a kayak on the lake and suggested I try rowing.
When I joined, I knew absolutely nothing about about rowing, but now I talk about rowing non-stop at school. All of my friends know when I pull a good time at practice or when there is a race coming up because that is all I can talk about for days at a time.
Rowing on the water is a great feeling. Its calming but at the same time has an extreme intensity.

Brett Pavia - Amelia Class of 2011

I played baseball before I started rowing. I found that after a season of Crew, my sprinting speed had increased. Rowing is a bit different than I expected - It involves more teamwork than I thought and more fitness than I could ever imagine. I tell my friends that it is a great workout and that they should join if they want a real challenge.

Amy Van Syoc - Milford Class of 2010

I am very competitive and also played basketball and volleyball in high school. I found that rowing is a lot more mental than any other sports I've played. (Everyone thinks you only use your arms, but its a FULL BODY workout!) I also found that rowing had me in great shape when basketball season rolled around! Along with the great conditioning, I made some great long-lasting friendships with the crew. In just two seasons, I won several medals and even competed at the National Championships. Crew can open so many doors for you and gives you such a range of opportunities. Personally, it made such a great change in my life for college and is help paying for a great education at an amazing Division 1, Big East school! Crew is really rewarding and I’m so glad I fell into it! If you ever get the opportunity to try it, you should!

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